Personal Injury Attorney for Golf Cart Accidents in The Villages

Florida is a place where people love to retire and spend time outside doing relaxing things. At The Villages, golf carts are a very popular way of getting around. People use them for golfing of course, but also to visit friends, on-site restaurants, and the doctor. Every day there are hundreds of carts buzzing around creating a whirl of cart traffic.

Some days it’s not all fun and games. When things like driving a golf cart become routine, it’s human nature to become complacent. Your attention is on something besides driving. That’s when accidents happen and people get hurt. If you’ve been injured in a golf cart accident that wasn’t your fault, you need my services. My name is  Ramsey Smathers.

Professional Help for Golf Cart Accidents in The Villages

The law offices of Ramsey Smathers, P.A. are experts in this type of situation. Being a native of Central Florida, I’m very familiar with golf carts and the debilitating injuries that happen through negligent operation. The injured person needs help and restitution and that’s where I come in. My years of experience dealing with at-fault operators and their insurance companies will benefit you.

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Anyone who’s been injured by an at-fault golf cart driver knows the pain and often permanent physical damage it can cause. There are also financial and psychological after-effects that must also be addressed. Contact me today at 407-478-2225 and let’s begin the process of getting you the compensation you deserve.

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