Injuries to Infants During Birth

Medical Malpractice

Childbirth injury can affect a child or mother for the rest of their lives.

Accidents and oversights happen every day. At best, the people involved learn a valuable lesson without suffering serious harm. At worst, the results are tragic.

Depending on the nature, cause and individual responsible for the injury, the hospital in which the injury occurred may be liable. Below is an explanation of the times in which a hospital is liable for injury during childbirth.

  • Avoidable Trauma
  • Misuse of Facility or Bad Procedures
  • Physician Malpractice
  • Privileged Physician Malpractices
  • Nurse Malpractice
  • The appearance of being overly medicated

Causes of Injuries to Infants Durin Birth

A birth injury is damage sustained by an infant during the birthing process and usually occurs during the infant’s transit through the birth canal during labor and delivery. A difficult delivery posing a risk of injury to the infant usually happens when the birth canal is too small or the fetus is too large and often involves a mother who is a diabetic.

Because of the multiple types of potential injury and relationships between hospital and its staff, childbirth injury lawsuits are complicated. If you or a loved one was injured during childbirth, seek legal assistance with your claim. Ramsey Smathers, Esq. will identify the parties potentially responsible for the injury and pursue compensation against them to compensate you for your damages.

If you believe you may have a claim related to injuries sustained during birth, we can inform you of your rights and responsibilities. Contact Attorney Ramsey Smathers at 407-478-2225.

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