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When you suffer a personal injury, it’s about more than just the physical harm someone’s negligence has done to you. That’s only the beginning. Above and beyond the painful physical trauma and soaring medical costs are the effects on your life in general. You and your family are also affected psychologically. This causes stress and sometimes discord in what was a well-functioning family unit.

Then there’s the financial damage. This can sometimes be worse than anything else. If you can’t work for an extended period or lose your job, bills begin to pile up and you come under even more stress. Many victims of a personal injury end up losing everything important to them through no fault of their own. What you need now is help. You need an experienced advocate to stand up for you and secure what’s needed to make your life whole again.

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As a former defense attorney for insurance companies, Ramsey Smathers has unique insight into how they fight in court. Insurance companies fight to keep from paying damages on behalf of their client or to minimalize the extent of your suffering to sway the court’s outcome. Ramsey Smathers sees these tactics coming and is ready to fight them on your behalf.


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