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As the number one state for playing golf in the United States and perhaps the entire world, Florida is home to more than 1,500 courses, as well as host to numerous professional and amateur golf tournaments. The warm climate throughout the year and lush, verdant terrain make the Sunshine State ideal for becoming a mecca for golf enthusiasts.

However, there is another side to Florida’s incredible golfing success story that has started to receive more attention in the legal community. It is a type of personal injury case called a golf cart accident that can cause considerable bodily harm.

If you were involved in a golf cart accident that was not your fault, Ramsey Smathers P. A. can help you receive just compensation for any injuries that were caused by the negligence of someone else. We remind clients that they do not have to be in a golf cart to fall victim to golf cart negligence.

Recent Golf Cart Accident

As a tragic recent news story reveals, golf cart accidents do not always happen on Florida golf courses. In fact, you can see golf carts moving alongside roads in the Sunshine State. Patch News ran a story that emphasizes the danger of operating golf carts on Florida roads. An 87-year-old Sun City Center resident died from the numerous injuries suffered because a car hit his golf cart. The driver of the car ran a red light and struck the golf cart head-on. The golf cart turned over several times and the victim ejected from the cart onto the pavement.

Several factors could have contributed to the woman running the red light and striking the golf cart. Texting is a common cause of negligence in motor vehicle accidents, and the same distraction carries over to impact golf cart operators. A driver of a car looks down at a cellphone screen, and it takes just a couple of seconds for the driver to lose control and strike a golf cart. Other factors associated with negligence is driving under the influence and operating a defective motor vehicle.

Getting Hit by a Golf Cart

Anyone that operates a golf cart is responsible under Florida law to protect the health of other golf cart drivers and people walking or playing close by. Under state law, a golf cart receives the same legal scrutiny as a motor vehicle that is involved in an accident. A law enforcement official questions the driver of the golf cart to determine whether negligence played a role in causing the accident. Negligence can come in the form of a drunk driver or a malfunction associated with the golf cart. If you were struck by a golf cart, and you believe negligence played a role in causing the accident, contact our law firm to schedule a free case evaluation.

Hit by Another Golf Cart Operator

Golf courses are fertile grounds for much more than Zoysia and Kentucky Blue Grass. Alcohol is often a part of a golf tournament or a four-hour round enjoyed by numerous groups of golfers. Driving under the influence is also a factor for causing golf cart accidents. We can help you move forward with a case if another golf cart driver struck your golf cart because the driver was inebriated. The golf course itself might also be liable for negligence for overserving the driver of the other golf cart. In addition, the golf course can assume legal liability for allowing defective golf carts on the course. The key is for our team of investigators to collect the evidence required to prove the driver of another golf cart was negligent or the golf course was negligent for causing your physical injuries.

Contact Ramsey Smathers P. A. Your Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

We emphasize to new clients that anyone that has suffered one or more injuries because of the negligence of a golf cart operator or a motor vehicle driver has the right to seek just compensation. You should work with an experienced personal injury lawyer that has litigated several golf cart accident cases successfully. Sometimes, negotiating a settlement represents the best legal approach, which means your personal injury lawyer must possess superior negotiating skills to get you just compensation.

We also remind clients that emotional distress is often a consequence of any kind of serious accident. If you have trouble sleeping or your work performance has diminished because of the development of anxiety, you can expect us to fight for your right to receive just compensation for suffering from emotional distress symptoms. Not only do we offer highly rated personal injury legal services, our team can help our clients recover from the physical and emotional toll a golf cart accident can make on them.

Schedule a free initial consultation today with our law firm to determine the best course of legal action. The Law Firm of Ramsey Smathers P.A. services all of Central Florida including The Villages, Lady Lake and Leesburg.

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