Delay in Diagnosis of Cancer

Medical Malpractice

Many medical malpractice cases result from doctor errors that cause indirect harm to patients, such as delayed diagnoses.

Imagine a patient has a treatable form of cancer. The patient visits a doctor, but the doctor fails to properly diagnose the cancer for several months. By the time the cancer is properly diagnosed, it has spread throughout the patient’s body, and it is no longer treatable. The patient soon dies from the disease.

At The Law Offices of Ramsey Smathers, P.A., we understand how difficult it is for families to cope with the loss of a loved one. The threat of financial devastation due to medical bills, loss of income, and funeral expenses can only compound the stress and pain.

Getting Help

Because medical malpractice cases follow a complex body of rules and often involve complicated medical questions, it is often essential to get advice or representation from a lawyer, who will then take all necessary steps to protect your legal rights, including finding and utilizing the best expert witnesses to bolster your case.

Patients must prove three basic elements to win medical malpractice cases:

  • Doctor-patient relationship
  • Negligence, and
  • Harm caused by the negligence.

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