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Property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their property—keeping it free from hazards and obstructions that might harm others, and warning visitors of any unsafe conditions.

Unlike automobile accidents where a citation may be issued determining fault, the injured party must prove liability of the premises owner in order to bring a successful slip and fall claim or lawsuit. As an experienced slip and fall attorney, Ramsey Smathers does what it takes to establish fault of the other party and prove your damages to either an insurance adjuster or jury if the case goes to trial.

Tips Following a Slip and Fall Accident:

Insist on filling out an incident report describing what caused the fall and your immediate symptoms. If at all possible, get a copy of the incident report.

Take pictures or have someone nearby (If you are unable) take pictures of what caused you to fall. Remember, we have to prove fault of the premises owner and need to be able to establish what caused your fall. Take pictures of any injuries you have sustained.

Attempt to get anyone’s name and number that witnessed you fall or the condition that caused you to fall.

Seek treatment as soon as possible for your complaints.

We have established a strong reputation for successfully representing injured people and their families in actions against individuals, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, apartment complexes, amusement parks, bars, construction companies, and other businesses. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your injury and discover if there was negligence by the property owner, property manager, or maintenance company and, if negligence was a factor in the injury, what insurance coverage is available. The Law Offices of Ramsey Smathers PA serve all of Central Florida including Altamonte SpringsMaitlandLake MaryCollege Park and Dr. Phillips.

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