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Personal injury can be a life-changing event. Even a slip and fall injury can alter life as you know it in a matter of seconds. Through no fault of your own, a slip and fall accident can result in physical pain, financial ruin, loss of career, and even loss of personal relationships. You didn’t ask for it, but it has happened to you. In one moment your life has taken a turn for the worse. And what’s worse is you don’t know how to get it back on track.

That’s when you contact slip and fall attorney Ramsey Smathers. Ramsey has years of experience taking on insurance companies in personal injury cases. She has helped hundreds of clients and she can help you too.

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Ramsey and our entire legal team review your case and prepare to fight for your rights in court. That also means standing by your side if the case goes before a jury. No one will fight harder to procure the compensation you deserve to set things right physically and financially.

In addition to slip and fall assistance Ramsey also offers legal representation for work accidents, wrongful death, assault, and much more. She’s the compassionate partner you need for any injury case.

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